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Dr. Miguel Mota | Plastic Surgery
Published by Dr Miguel Mota in Implants · 9 April 2021
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2 types of breast implants to feel good about yourself

There are several differences between silicone gel dentures and saline water dentures.

  • Saline water prostheses:  These are filled with water that has a salt concentration similar to that of blood. Less expensive than silicone gel dentures, saline water dentures do not need to be changed. Although this happens very rarely, these implants can empty, especially if their walls are cracked.

  • Silicone gel prostheses:  they are made of a silicone polymer, which is not a constituent of the human body. Silicone prostheses generally have fewer folds around the edges than brine prostheses. Although they cannot deflate, they can lose silicone, especially if their walls are broken. We suggest changing them every 10 to 12 years.

Submammary or submuscular implantation?

In addition to choosing a type of prosthesis, your doctor will need to determine with you whether an inframammary (between your breast tissue and your pectoral muscle) or submuscular (between your pectoral muscle and your chest) implantation is preferable. The latter technique has many advantages in our opinion.

First, it gives a more aesthetic shape to the breast, the tissue covering the implant being thicker. The upper contour of the implant is also less visible, since it is hidden by the muscle. The latter also supports the prosthesis, and the weight of the prosthesis has less impact on the stretching of the skin.

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